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Musical Services for Events


For over 15 years we have been
organizing musical events for the
corporate, public and private sectors

The logistical base of RM Eventi is in Lombardy enabling organization of events throughout Northern and Central Italy, with the possibility of reaching any area in Italy and abroad.
Collaborations and partnerships are always carefully chosen and in step with the growing needs of the market.

We provide consultations for the organization of events

RM Eventi offers professional advice for the creation of any event that requires music and / or entertainment: all the services offered will be customized to meet real needs, in compliance with the budget available to the customer.

Professional equipment suitable for the situation

The skills of the musician are also represented through the quality of the instrumentation used, only equipment of a high level allows the correct reproduction of the vocals, the instruments and their volume and effects, avoiding unpleasant distortions for the guests, creating the perfect visual and sound impact, particularly when it comes to live music.

In the case of classical musical entertainment all of the instruments will be of excellent quality as they belong to the performing artists (all first-rate concert performers), the exception is for the piano which must be rented.

Audio and Lights Service

The perfect "lighting atmosphere" can give life and warmth to any event, accompanying the music making the evening unique and special. RM Eventi is structured to fulfill every technical need for audio and lights necessary for events such as cables, sockets, extensions in accordance with the law and all the necessary equipment to connect the instrumentation, even in logistically challenging situations. A technician / sound engineer is always present at our events in order to optimize the visual and sound impact in the best possible way.

RM Eventi can take care of the entire lighting project of the event, creating the ideal atmosphere, transforming the facade of a villa, a garden or a park (or any chosen setting) into a magical place of colour and light to captivate your guests.

SIAE – the Music License

Each piece of music performed, live or recorded, is subject to SIAE as the rights (royalties) last for the entire life of the author and up to 70 years after his death.
Each musical event must therefore be reported to the designated office, reporting all the details, the list of songs played and paying the relative fee, which will also serve as a "permit".
RM Eventi can take care of navigating the SIAE portal and requesting this permission on behalf of the customer, to whom the relative invoice will then be forwarded.
RM Eventi will assign the classic "borderò" (official list of all songs performed) online to the performing artist so that he can take care of the correct compilation which is mandatory by law.

Servizi per eventi musicali

Our acts and the musical services offered

Thanks to our many artists, from different musical backgrounds, we are able to offer a vast repertoire, practically infinite, suitable for all tastes and ages, ranging from classical music to jazz music, from lounge to dance / commercial music. It’s out mission to satisfy every request!

Every Event
needs the right music

All the musical acts offered regarding the entertainment in general will be customized ad hoc to meet your exact needs.


classical music concerts


modern music concerts






congresses, meetings or business conventions


business meetings


cultural events


gala evenings, themed evenings, business dinners


events (Valentine's Day, Ladies's Day, street parties)


private parties





Piano rental
for your Event

Among the many services available RM Eventi offers the rental of an Acoustic Piano (grand or upright) or a Piano Shell, a wooden structure in the shape of a grand piano where the pianist can introduce his instrument (electronic piano or keyboard) thus creating the visual effect of having a "real" piano.

Servizi per eventi musicali
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